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Luciani Player Development understands that tennis is a very physically demanding sport so we need a program to keep our players healthy.  This program utilizes state of the art components and techniques to keep our players healthy.  You won't find a program anywhere emphasizing the importance and implementation of this segment of our program.

CVAC Recovery Pod


Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™ (CVAC™)

Be on the leading edge, ahead of your competition. CVAC is a major breakthrough for increased performance, endurance and resilience through improved overall conditioning and recovery. 


The CVAC Process creates an atmospheric workload that challenges the body using natural and tolerable stresses. Dynamic changes in pressure set up waves of tension and resolution; in this way, CVAC Sessions allow an athlete to continue to gain improvement in energy production even on rest days taken to avoid overtraining.



Luciani Player Development utilizes one masseuse to help our players.  Fran has worked with many professional athletes and works closely with Lance to monitor areas of concern for each individual player.  Fran keeps the stress levels of the players body in check while allowing them to move freely on the court.


Each player is given a stretch routine for post practice and post match completion.  Additionally players who need extra attention are directed to a specific stretch person who can certified to the AIS Method (Active Isolated Stretch).

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