On Court Drills

At Luciani Player Development the program is successful because it flows through the most important phases of a strategically aggressive game.  The drills build on each day until at the end of the week players are ready to use tactics and strategies they honed

LPD On Court Curriculm

On Court Volume Drills


Monday -Consistency

Tuesday -Tempo



Friday-Point Development



Ball Machine Drills


Monday- Ground Stroke Progressions

Tuesday-Ground Stroke/Swing Volley Progressions

Wednesday-Swing Volley/Volley Progressions


Friday-Volley/Overhead Drills






Private Oncourt Lessons



First players are taught the "David Bailey Method" of Footwork Contact Moves.   This foundation allows the coach to speak to the player about what footwork will best work in each situation of the volume and ball machine drills.


Skills Test

Also players are taught the "Skills Test" to start allowing them to focus on targets versus stances, versus amounts of spins.  


Return Machine

Players work on the "Return Tower Machine" to improve their return of serves since this is such an important part of the game.


Stroke Production

After an evaluation period the player also spends private time on the "Stroke Production" needs of their game.


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