Match Analysis

Match Analysis is the specialty of Lance.  He has worked with some of the best players of the world working on the geometry of that they use in their tactical game.  Without this guide and measuring stick for strategic performance players often don't understand what numbers or choices lead to playing competitively on the pro tennis tour.

Match Analysis Implementation

Video Segment


Our Players are required to travel to tournaments with fence mounted camera systems when our coaches cannot attend.  This footage is incredibly important because without it the coaches defining the path for the player are just guessing to the needs.  Additionally, most players are visual learners and without this critical tool they often can't see progress or adjustments that need to or are occuring.


Statistical Segment


We use the Match Tracker application for Ipad to chart our matches either live at a tournament or from the match video provided Showing the player the statistics, court scatter diagrams, and momentum analysis are vital learning tools for both player and coach.  Our players understand that error to winner ratio's are the thermometer of effectiveness on a tennis court.  We are trying to create exciting players who understand that playing aggressively is important but also hitting the court is equally important! 




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