Goal Setting

At Luciani Player Development we work in 6 month goals.  Full Time Players are provided with a Plan for Success.  Success is defined by reaching these goals one at a time.   We always go by the assumption that if the player doesn't know what's expected of them that confusion causes a lack of confidence. 

Development Plans

Plan Part 1


The 1st part of the 6 month development plan deals with levels that the players are now such as technique, power, accuracy, level of importance to their game, and vision about the player in the future.  Additionally it contains information about the players physical and mental characteristics.  Lastly, it has the critical information defining the players level within the Strategy Zone System.  It clearly defines what the characteristics of the next level of the system hold.  Thus the player can see not only the progress but the work that lies ahead.

Plan Part 2


The 2nd part of the 6 month development plan deals with the actual individual goals of the player.  Low stress, medium stress, and high stress goal lists are provided to the player.  They may include staticial challenges, strategy zone tactical challenges, tournament or match challenges, anything deemed important by the player and coach together.  


The last sement is the accountability and action plans.  Within this page players understand what the responsibility of the coach are and also what the players responsibility is to achieve the best result over that 6 month period of time.  This clearly represent a team approach to success!

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